The Legendary Dolls

Childhood Passion for Barbies

Barbies have always been my passion since childhood. I got my first Barbie when I was 5. The pretty girl, in a fit body with many accessories. I was astonished to it. I had a couple of Barbies when I was 10, and they were like my best friends. Click to read more about my passion for Barbies. 

About The Legendary Dolls and The Cast

The Legendary Dolls is a soap opera that gives life and spirit to Barbie Dolls. Click here to read more about the role of Barbies in my life and more information about The Legendary Dolls. Click here to access the instagram profile.

Episode 1 – Night Out

In this episode Jose goes out with his best friend Hugo. Let’s see what happens.

Episode 2 – A Surprise Child

Jose has a surprise child and her girlfriend Eva learns about it. Let’s see how she is going to react.

Episode 3 – Just arrived

In this episode Cecile, the daughter of Jose just arrived to her father’s home. Let’s see what happens.

Episode 4 – A surprise guest

Eva is very angry that her boyfriend Jose. She left home and arrived at her sister’s place. Let’s see what happens.

Episode 5 – With the young lady

Cecile’s presence is a surprise for everyone. Jose meets his best friend Hugo and brings this young lady with her. He is an amateur parent now. Let’s see what happens.

Episode 6 – Friday Evening

It is Friday evening, and the two sisters spend quality time together. Eva is very sad and tries to soothe herself with vodka juice. Let’s see what happens.

Episode 7 – A new life

A new life begins for Cecile and Jose. Jose now has unique responsibilities in his life. Being a parent is not easy. In this episode, they are trying to adapt to their new lives. Let’s see what happens.

Episode 8 – In the spa center

A soap opera that gives life and spirit to Barbie dolls. In this episode Eva and Grace visits the spa center. Let’s see what happens.

Episode 9 – A buddy and a child

Jose wants to keep up with his social life, but he is now responsible for taking care of Cecile. This amateur dad is trying to adapt to his new life. His buddy Hugo is always there for him when Jose needs support. In this episode, they meet in a restaurant. Let’s see what happens.

Episode 10 – In the supermarket

The girls are in the supermarket. Eva is so passionate about doing lots of grocery shopping. Let’s see how she is going to react when it comes to paying for the groceries. 

Episode 11 – Her beloved sister

Eva is settled in Grace’s house and expects her sister to serve her because she is her only sister. Let’s see how Grace reacts.

Episode 12 – A Typical Day

Jose is an amateur parent. He tries to keep up with his daily habits, however, how possible is this? Cecile for sure seeks attention from her father. Let’s see how they adapt to their new life.

Episode 13 – In the Gallery

Hugo and Cecile visit a gallery to buy a car. Let’s see whether they are going to find a car to their taste.

Episode 14 – Grace’s message

Grace thinks that ‘her beloved sister’ occupied her life. She is trying to find a way to send her back home. Is she going to succeed? Let’s see what is going to happen.