Getting lost in Mediterranean streets

Mediterranean coastal towns are my favorite vacation destinations. Mallorca, Sicily, Greek Islands, I find all beautiful places to explore. When I go on vacation, I put on music, walk in those streets, and don’t pay attention to where I lead. I like to get lost while exploring these beautiful towns. This artwork is dedicated to those beautiful vacation memories.

Galata tower

Galata Tower is a popular landmark of Istanbul that was built in 1348 by a Genoese colony that settled in Constantinople. Istanbul is my hometown, and my beloved sister lives there. This painting is from those quarantine times when all the borders were closed, and I was homesick.

A portrait of Umut

A couple of years ago, we joined a portrait painting workshop with one of our close friends. I chose my handsome husband as a model. This picture was taken in the atelier where we had the workshop.


This painting is made for a friend who named their baby Atlas. This artwork is inspired by a Draw So Cute tutorial.

Cheers to papa

This painting is made to another friend as a birthday gift who just became a father for the first time in his life. The zero-percent beer bottle caps were collected from her from the times when her wife was pregnant.

Psychedelic folks in the head

This painting is made for a friend who describes the ongoing voices in her head. She says that there are a set of negative voices in her head that makes her feel depressed. She depicted the owner of these voices as blue creatures. In the painting, these blue creatures are depicted as partying as a symbol for her not to take these voices seriously.

Amsterdam in a cute depiction

Amsterdam is my favorite city. The city is open-minded, lively, full of history. That is my famous city, and I like to wander in those picturesque streets and imagine how life was in medieval times. This painting is made for someone who came from Amsterdam.

The core mirror

This artwork was made after joining an art therapy session. None of us are born with an instruction manual, and one of the core factors for happiness is getting to know ourselves. Then we can make wise decisions. This painting is dedicated to the journey of exploring “the inner self.” Dare to do foolish things if it helps to discover your core values.

This kawaii is so cute

In Japanese culture, kawaii means cute or items that are cute. I adore cute characters as much as Japanese people do. This kawaii figure is inspired by Chie Kutsuwada‘s kawaii drawing book.