On The Journey is a mental health coaching/counselling company that is established in Sep 2023, in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Our vision and mission is to encourage people to start their inner journey.

We live in a world full of abundance, and with each click, we reach for things that are important to us. Modern life has many benefits but also challenges. It is not easy to live in harmony with so many demands. Society demands, parents demand, and teachers demand. For most of us, time passed while trying to meet other expectations. This might lead to serious damage in the long term.

But what about our own expectations? We are not born with an instruction manual and discover our own personality throughout life. The more we know who we are, the more chance there is to establish healthy boundaries and act based on awareness. Then it would be easier to make choices because we would know more about who we are and what we want.

Self-care is to look after our own health by using knowledge and available methods. There are multiple ways to practice self-care. Physical self-care is the most basic way to care for ourselves; however, it is not enough. Mental self-care is essential to having quality time and making the most of it.

Starting your own inner journey is the path toward a life of harmony and a mindset of peace. On The Journey will guide you in this process, assist you, help you gain the awareness that you need, and introduce you to the methods to reach a peaceful mindset.

Are you ready to start your inner journey? Here, I offer different mental health coaching trajectories to start your inner journey.

  1. Time management and overcoming procrastination
  2. Get to know yourself and set healthy boundaries
  3. Regulate your emotions with self-compassion